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"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane."

- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr 

Our Mission

The mission of the Mississippi Health Professional for Climate and Health Equity (MSHPCHE) is to strengthen consolidate and empower Mississippi's health professionals' voice by communicating climate health impacts, advocating for equitable climate solutions to the public, health professionals, and policymakers.

Recognizing that many of the effects of climate change amplify existing inequities across the life course, MSHPCHE’s purpose is to leverage and engage Mississippi’s health professionals to inform others about the health harms of climate change and advocate for equitable solutions that protect public health and support a sustainable future.

MSHPCHE Founding Team
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Dr. Gerri Cannon-Smith 

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Dr. Edith


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The Journey In Mississippi

Dr. Gerri-Cannon-Smith, MD was a part of the Capstone Project with the National Medical Association (NMA) 2022 Climate and Health Equity Fellowship (CHEF) Program. This project included: Maternal Child Health Climate Curriculum, American Academy of Pediatrics Climate Advocate, and Feasibility of State Affiliate – MS.  The organization grew out of the work of Dr. Gerri Cannon-Smith during her tenure as 2022 Medical Society Consortium -NMA Climate and Health Equity Fellow. It was as the major component of a Capstone project, evaluating the feasibility of a state health provider affiliate in Mississippi.

Mississippi Health Professionals for Climate and Health Equity (MSHPCHE) was formed in September 2022 along with co-founders, Dr. Edith Smith-Rayford, and Augusta Bilbro. They convened a coalition of health professionals, public health practitioners, professional associations and community organizations to increase awareness of the health effects of climate change, highlight the disparate exposures and outcomes in communities of color, and advocate for preventive, mitigating, and remediating climate strategies in Mississippi.

The official launch was November 22, 2022. MSHPCHE was founded in response to the exacerbated health harms that children, pregnant women, those with chronic illnesses, vulnerable populations and in vulnerable communities face due to climate change.

We are dedicated to transparently engaging with the Mississippi community, promoting active participation, and fostering innovation and creativity in our work.



MSHPCHE will strive to disseminate timely and accurate climate change and health information to the communities we serve. 



MSHPCHE aims to collaborate with influential decision makers at various levels to drive change on climate issues. They also seek to engage large corporations in promoting social responsibility and addressing climate change in communities where they benefit economically.



MSHPCHE ensures culturally and linguistically appropriate services for the community, emphasizing inclusivity beyond race and ethnicity to include various groups like the elderly, disabled, and Deaf/Hard of Hearing individuals.

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