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Air Quality

According to the American Lung Association..

Within Mississippi, 10 out of 82 counties could be graded for at least one measure of air quality.


Photo by Elroy Johnson

The inaugural Equitable Action Run Towards Health (EARTH)

Running won’t solve the issue of wood pellet biomass pollution. But it can ignite community and conversation—and that’s a start.


2022 State of Mississippi Air Quality Data Summary 

Mississippi Department of  Environmental Quality 

Featured Presenters

MSHPCHE partnered with the Department of Environmental Quality and Public Service Commission on Clean Energy and Clean Air initiatives.

Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust

The Volkswagen (VW) Diesel Settlement required VW to establish a $2.7 billion Environmental Mitigation Trust Fund to be distributed among states to fund eligible mitigation projects designed to reduce excess nitrogen oxide (“NOx”) emissions from the transportation sector. 

Sunflower Solar

Located on approximately 1,000 acres of land in Sunflower County, Mississippi, the Sunflower Solar Project began commercial operation mid-2022.

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