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Our Vision

Thriving Mississippi Communities with Healthy and Sustainable Families

With a rise in heat, extreme weather, droughts, flooding, and sea levels..

64% of  Mississippi adults are concerned about global warming 
72% of adults across the nation are concerned about global warming 


Actions to prevent and minimize greenhouse gas emissions involve advocating for renewable clean energy, enhancing energy efficiency, promoting low-carbon products, services, and systems, and ensuring the sustainable use of land and forestry.


Strategies to combat climate change include resource repurposing, biodiversity conservation, educational programs, and building climate-resilient communities.


Equitable solutions include education, skill development, health professional webinars, community engagement, partnerships, disaster planning, environmental health advocacy, research, and awareness campaigns.


The CDC's Building Resilience Against Climate Effects (BRACE) framework is a five-step process that allows health officials to develop strategies and programs to help communities prepare for the health effects of climate change. 

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